Thursday, December 10, 2015

1st commercial bottled carbonated water in United States

Carbonated waters were imported into the USA from the UK prior to 1800. In 1807, Henry Thompson of Tottenham, Middlesex, was granted a British patent for impregnating water with gas.

The first commercial production is attributed to Benjamin Silliman, who was professor of chemistry at Yale College.

Benjamin Silliman had seen carbonated waters in his travels to England and had met Joseph Priestly who had emigrated to the USA.

In partnership with Mr Twinning, he started bottling and selling carbonated water under pressure locally in New Haven, Connecticut in 1807.

In 1809, they purchased costly soda-making equipotent and opened two retail soda-water outlets one at the City Hotel and the other at the Tontine Coffee House.

Silliman manufactured his carbolated water in the cellar, from where iron tubes led upstairs to a decorated manual pump from which customers could be served.

Within a fairly short time, soda water became a popular beverage. Cold soda water was sold everywhere and was in inexpensive enough for most people to joy.

In the late 19th century a druggist invented a flavored soda by adding an extract from the African kola nut. Coca-cola was invented in 1886 by a pharmacist, John Pemberton.
1st commercial bottled carbonated water in United States

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