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Milk dairy in United States

Milk drinking was introduced in the 17th century in United States during early European colonization efforts. There was no indigenous dairy tradition, as Native American societies kept no large domesticated mammals.

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado transported cattle with him when he explored the American Southwest in 1540 and reportedly turned some loose in the Mississippi River Valley.

Spaniards brought cattle to Veracruz (Mexico) in 1525; English cattle reached Jamestown in 1611.

When the Massachusetts Bay Colony established a settlement around what would become Boston in 1630, 30 cattle accompanied with first colonist. Other stock was sent subsequently. Increased availability meant expanded usage. Milk was drunk, churned into butter and converted into cheese.

By 1650, dairy farming was so successful that the Massachusetts Bay Colony exported butter and cheese.

From colonial times the dairy remained women’s work, including butter churning and cheese pressing, well into the nineteenth century long after commercial sales flourished in the public markets of seaports and river towns.

Dairy products sold by farmers in the early period were limited mainly to whole milk, farm made butter, and farm-made cheese. Prior to 1859, these products were produced mainly on farms.

Milk was probably not a major beverage until the late nineteenth century, when urban demand and technological innovations made a commercial milk supply possible.

Technical advances in milk processing and distribution brought hand-separators, milking machines, cooling equipment, and storage tanks to commercial dairy farms, while refrigerated tank trucks and glass-lined railcars by the 1930s carried milk to processing plants and profitable metropolitan markets.

Factory cheese production was in an experimental stage shortly before 1850, and made considerable progress during the next two decades. Although some butter as made in early cheese plants, the first commercial creamery was not established until 1861.
Milk dairy in United States

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