Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Boston Globe

Boston Globe, the daily newspaper published in Boston one of the most influential newspaper in the United States.

The four-penny Boston Globe was launched on March 4, 1872, by six Boston businessmen, led by Eben Jordan, founder of the Jordan Marsh department store, who jointly pooled $150,000 in promising a ‘commercial and business journal of the first class’.

The Globe sold by subscription daily for 75 cents a month and three months could be had for two dollars.

By August of the following year, twenty-seven-year old Civil War veteran Charles H. Taylor became business manager. At the time, Boston Globe had 10 newspapers in publication. Under his leadership, it began publishing morning and evening editions, increased local and regional coverage and introduced big headlines, especially on sensational stories.

Taylor’s son William became the Globe’s publisher in 1921 after his father’s death. In the 20th century, the paper began providing more national and international news while maintaining generally liberal editorial stance.

The Globe received its first Pulitzer Prize in 1966 for its investigative reporting in the qualification of a federal district court judge.

The Taylor family owned and operated the Globe until 1993, when the New York Times Company acquired the paper for $1.1 billion.
The Boston Globe
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