Monday, December 17, 2018

History of commercial production of raisins

Commercial raisins production in California began around 1873, the result of three major events; the development of irrigation system, transportation facilities furnished by the railroads and the introduction and distribution of suitable vine planting material.

The hot rainless summer weather of the and Joaquin Valley made it s center of raisin making, which requires four times the amount of fresh grapes that will finally be yielded in dried product.

By 1923 California produced 90% of the raisin in the US and 60% of those throughout the world. The seed ‘Muscat of Alexandria’ was the first major raisin variety grown in California, but this was soon to change with the introduction of a seedless variety that eventually dominate the raisin industry.

Raisins have since 1929 met severe competition in foreign markets and exports have been declining from the peak reached during the marketing season of 1928-29.
History of commercial production of raisins
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