Wednesday, August 13, 2014

History of raisins in United States

In the 18th century Spanish missionaries helped farmers in California grow grapes for wine and marketable Muscat for raisin in the 1850s. The sweet Muscat grape produces raisins with flavors that are ideal for meat or fish dishes, cereals, desserts or candies.

The first California raisins were produced in southern California during the 1850s using the Muscat of Alexandria variety. The industry soon moved north and was firmly established in the Fresno area by the 1870s.

Around 1876, a Scottish immigrant, William Thompson, grew a seedless grape variety, Lady deCoverly that was thin skinned, seedless, sweet and tasty.  The first and only survived publicly displayed became known as Thompson’s seedless grape.

Thousands of acres of this grape have been planted in California to produce raisins, wine and table grapes.
History of raisins in United States

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