Thursday, April 19, 2018

History of Heineken in United States

Since the 1870s, Heineken beer was exported to neighbor countries like the UK and France. In 1933 saw the first Heineken exported to the United States. Heineken was the first foreign beer to be allowed an import license at the end of Prohibition.

When Heineken introduced its beer to the American market, there were no more than 30 import brands present.

At first, Heineken appointed Van Muching as its official agent in the United States, but in 1935, Austin Nichols & Co, a large New York wholesaler of fruit and vegetables that acted as an agent for a variety of other firms, became the official distributor of Heineken.

Heineken USA began operations in January 1995 as a subsidiary of Heineken N.V. In the past, Heineken was imported to the United States through private distributors under licensing agreement.
 History of Heineken in United States

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